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July 13th Baileys Townsend, NH 6p-9p

July 16th Dox Laconia, NH 5p-8p

July 19th Rye Beach Club 

July 21st Averill House Vineyard Brookline, NH 1:30p-3:30p

July 23rd Fratellos Laconia, NH 6p-9p

July 24th Tinos Hampton, NH 6p-9p

July 26th Whales Tale w/ Clint LaPointe 
July 28th The Office Lounge Dover, NH 12p-3p

July 31st Homestead Merrimack, NH 5:30p-8:30p

August 1st Pressed Cafe Salem, NH 6p-9p

August 3rd Fratellos Manchester, NH 6p-9p

August 4th Shoppers Pub Manchester, NH 1p-4p

August 6th Dox Laconia, NH 5p-8p

August 8th Tomahawk Merrimack, NH 5p-8p

August 9th Pizza Man of Manchester, NH 5:30p-8:30p

August 15th The Wentworth Inn Jackson, NH 5p-7p

August 16th NEON WAVE Show 

August 17th Firefly Manchester, NH 6p-9p

August 18th Pembroke Pines Country Club Pembroke, NH 2p-5p

Augut 19th Fratellos Laconia, NH 6p-9p

August 21st Brickyard Hollow Ogunquit, ME 5p-7p

August 22nd Pressed Cafe Bedford, NH 6p-9p

August 23rd Whales Tale w/ Clint LaPointe 

August 24th Main St Grill & Bar Hillsborough, NH 6p-9p

August 25th Baileys Townsend, NH 4p-7p

August 26th Hare of the Dawg Derry, NH 6p-9p

August 27th Dox Laconia, NH 5p-8p

August 28th Tinos Hampton, NH 6p-9p

August 29th Homestead Merrimack, NH 6p-9p

August 31st NEON WAVE SHOW

September 5th Fratellos Manchester, NH 5:30p-8:30p

September 6th Pizza Man of Manchester Manchester, NH 5:30p-8:30p

September 7th Dam Grille Pepperell, MA 6p-9p

September 11th Brickyard Hollow Ogunquit, ME 5p-7p

September 12th Coppoer Door Bedford, NH 6p-9p

September 13th NEON WAVE GIG

September 14th Fratellos Laconia, NH 6p-9:30p

September 19th Tomahawk Tavern Merrimack, NH 5p-8p

September 20th Galley Hatch Hampton, NH 5p-8p 

September 21st Main St Bar and Grille Hillsborough, NH

September 25th Tinos Hampton, NH 6p-9p

September 27th Homestead Merrimack, NH 6p-9:30p

September 28th Pizza Man of Manchester Manchester, NH 5:30-8:30p

October 4th Defiant Records Laconia, NH 5:30p-8:30p

October 5th Baileys Townsend, MA 6p-9p

October 11th Pembroke Pines Pembroke, NH 6:30p-8:30p

October 12th NEON WAVE SHOW

October 17th Smuttynose Hampton, NH w/ CLINT LAPOINTE 6p-9p

October 18th Galley Hatch Hampton, NH 5p-8p

October 19th Main St Bar and Grille Hillsborough, NH 6p-9p

October 23rd Tinos Hampton, NH 6p-9p

October 25th NEON WAVE SHOW

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